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[ Energetic Trance presents StripE Collection ] Interviews

Munetica: gI knew for sure that kors k would produce perfect Energetic Trance tracks.h

kors k: gI only had one song done when I told Munetica that I was going to make an albumh

After 3 years of silence, the next generation trance label Energize Jp is back. The first release for their comeback will be the 1st album by StripE, a solo project by kors k, who is well known for his contributions to past releases of the Energetic Trance compilations and the beatmania series. We sat down with kors k and Munetica who made the nonstop DJmix for the album who is also the director of Energize Jp to find out how the silence was broken.


Left : Munetica@Right : kors k
--- How would you describe your alias StripE?

Kors k: I mainly use the name kors k for my works, but I also use different aliases like Teranoid or Caramel Pod depending on the genre I’m producing. I started using the alias StripE when I made a track for “Energetic Trance 01”. I had a number of tracks on 01 and 02, and the beatmania fans loved them. So I decided to make an energetic trance track for beatmania, that’s how Now & Forever, a track I co-produced with Munetica was born. The genre Energetic Trance got so much exposure through this song, so people started thinking StripE = Energetic Trance. That’s why I strongly felt that if I were to release a StripE album, it has to be from Energize Jp.

--- When did the “Energetic Trance presents StripE collection” project start?

Munetica: It was about December 2010, kors k contacted me saying that he wanted to make an album for Energize Jp.

--- How many songs did you have ready at the time?

kors k: Just one (laughs)

Munetica: That’s “Kailua” the last song the album. We decided to make specific deadlines for the project, and it slowly started to move forward.

kors k: Well I really started making tracks around the end of July. I wanted to prioritize this album, but I had other work to do also.

--- Tell us about the tracks on the album.

Munetica: The first half is straight Energetic Trance. We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over so for the second half, we tried to make something new by combining tastes of different genres like dubstep and drum’n’bass.

kors k: It was a lot of hard work (laughs)

--- What are your personal favorites on this album?

Kors k: I like all of the songs but I especially like “Get On It”. I thought it would be fun to have some dutch house type sounds on the album, so I did it on this track. It’s like a hard house track with a tribal feel. I also like “Deep Room” a tech dance track, and “Dub-Gize”, this one I added some dubstep flavor to the track. I’d like the listeners to hear how I kept the balance of traditional Energetic Trance and sounds inspired by other genres. As a producer, I want to keep suggesting something new. I think I did a good job on that in this album.

--- Past releases were compilations of tracks by various artists. I was amazed how kors k was able to make a whole Energetic Trance album all by himself. It has been 3 years since the last release, but the sounds are definitely updated.

Munetica: Yes, I knew for sure that kors k would produce perfect Energetic Trance tracks. After I started the label I was seeking direction, but when I heard “Fighting For Freedom” (a track by kors k for Energetic Trance 02), I thought “this is Energetic Trance”. Since then StripE has been a key producer for my label.

  --- I think your works appeal to both clubbers, regular listeners of Energetic Trance, and video gamers who know you from beatmania. I think that’s a very strong advantage.

kors k: Beatmania is definitely a significant part of my career. There was a time when people said “beatmania isn’t club music”. I felt really bad about that. I’ve always felt that even if it’s a song from beatmania, if it’s a good song everyone would dance to it, and it would be fun to play on the game. I was really happy when I saw the pre-sales of my album being charted second on the Japanese Amazon club music chart, and number one on the chart was Ryu who started producing for beatmania around the same time as me.

--- I’ve noticed beatmania features many great producers.

Kors k: Yeah, like Remo-con and Nish. There are also exclusive tracks by Art of Fighters, the top DJ in the European gabber scene. Also some works by UK producers Kevin Energy and Scott Brown. It’s great that there are more songs by producers that everyone knows. I really feel that times have changed.

--- So we can say this album is for both beatmania fans and Energetic Trance fans.

Munetica: Energetic Trance attracts clubbers and kors k attracts the beatmania fans. We used to buy mix CDs by DJs like YO-C and Shinkawa. Listening over and over to how they mix the songs. I think beatmania fans will listen to our music in the way we listened those mix CDs.

kors k: There are lots of people who started making music who were inspired by beatmania. Their songs are so good and they’re great DJs too. Some of them even have releases from oversea labels. It’s really working out perfectly.
I recently DJed at a venue called 2.5D, they are big on Ustreaming their shows. There were over 1000 people, like beatmania and dance dance revolution fans from all over the world watching me DJ. I’m happy to see everyone online liking what I’m doing. I think music is a universal language, and I always try to share a great experience with everyone.

Munetica: If we can inspire more people to come out to the clubs out of those 1000 viewers, I think we can do awesome things. I want to make that happen.

--- Is there going to be a release party?

Munetica: On Friday, November 25, at Roppongi Forum, EXTREMA is hosting our release party. Also on Friday, December 30, at ageHA BOX, we will play as Munetica+StripE at Get Hi-Tech. Also we will DJ in Hawaii next March.

--- Finally, can we have a message to all the StripE fans and Energetic Trance fans out there?

Munetica: The album looks like it’s going to sell pretty good so I hope it will stimulate more young listeners to come out to the clubs.

kors k: I will keep trying hard as the key producers for Energetic Trance. Munetica is a hard worker, and I’d like to give him my full support. I’m going to keep contributing to Energize Jp to support its progress.

Interview & Text by Toshio Ueki
Translation by Kent Alexander